14 Splurge-Worthy TikToka Ideas To Make Tiktok Life Easier When Launching a Brand Campaign

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If you’re looking for some tiktok inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite tiktoka ideas to help you get started. From creative content ideas to tips on how to get more views and followers, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!
 How to get more views on tiktok

Getting more views on tiktoak is super simple but takes a lot of effort and time! Here are a few tips that will help you get to the front page!

1. Create long videos

To get lots of views, your videos don’t need to be super long, but they should be longer than the standard three-second shot. Uploading long-form videos (such as 30-second shots) earns you twice as many coins as standard-length videos.

2. Use search to your advantage

If you want to quickly rack up tons of views, use TikTok’s search function to your advantage. People are constantly searching for hilarious prompts, so create some shots inspired by trending hashtags and pop culture moments!
For example, “bob lobbin memes” brought in over 1 million searches in the last month. If you had linked your video to that  hashtag, it would have shown up on the homepage for a few hours!

3. Link your video to popular hashtags

As we just mentioned, lots of hashtags are trending at any given time. If you link your video to one of these trending hashtags, it has a higher chance of showing up as a result when people search for it.
For example, if you uploaded a meme and linked it to the hashtag “todayinhairstyling” (a trending hair styling hashtag), it would show up in the TikToka app when people searched for that hashtag. Long story short: linking your video to a trending hashtag will help boost your views and exposure!

4. Be creative with each clip

We love super short clips, but you can’t rely on them to be boring in order to be successful. In order to get more views, you need to be creative with each video! Try experimenting with different edits, scenes  and storylines to up the ante.

5. Boost your exposure with influencer marketing

If you have a sizeable audience, you can use your audience to boost your exposure on TikToka.
Post an update on your Instagram or Twitter asking followers to create funny memes or lip-sync videos for a new challenge. Include links to the contest rules and a link to the submission page in your post, and encourage your followers to submit their work!
When your followers submit their work, they’ll be prompted to link it to you on TikToka, which will send extra traffic your way. As a bonus, you’ll also get access to content for your own channel!

6. Coordinate a push campaign

If you’re looking for an extra edge when promoting your account, consider a push campaign that goes out to your entire network. You can purchase a  PushMob voucher ($30 for 1,000 users, $50 for 2,500 users, or $75 for 5,000 users) to coordinate the push.
Simply copy and paste the link provided into a message on your Facebook or Instagram account and ask your network to push the video that day. It will show up in their feed once they’ve pushed it, so it’s a great way to encourage them to push their own content as well as promote yours.

7. Share your content across platforms

If you’re developing content for TikToka, why not also share it on other platforms at the same time? You can share your YouTube videos on Instagram, your memes on Twitter, and so on. It helps spread your reach!
What to do with extra clicks and traffic after boosting your views?
Once you’ve boosted your views and got the attention of TikTok, here are a few strategies to keep the traffic you’ve attracted rolling  forward:

8. Drive traffic to a sales or lead generation page



If you’ve got a product or are running a sale, using your TikToka audience to drive people to your website and sales pages is a great use of traffic. Include links in your post caption or embedded directly in the video itself.
You could also include a link in the caption that prompts users to enter a contest to win your product or a gift card.

9. Drive traffic to an opt-in offer

Similar to leading users toward a sales page, you can also use TikTok traffic to gather email addresses with an effective opt-in offer. For example, you can provide free access to an training series, resource library, or cheat sheet.
As these resources are available for free, this will ensure that users aren’t disappointed and will be more inclined visit and utilize the resource you’re providing. Plus, providing value in exchange for access to your audience is  always a great strategy.

10. Lead users across platforms 

If you have a platform or two that’s already producing great content, encourage your new TikTok followers to explore those platforms as well. For example, if you have a beauty-focused Instagram account, you could encourage TikTok fans to also follow your Instagram page.
This is a great way to lead your new audience to other platforms you’re already growing and may have less competition, as long as you’re authentic and encouraging about where others should look next.

11. Request action from your audience

Now is the perfect time to ask your new TikTok fans for help in some way. This could be conducting user surveys, asking for feedback on a project, or recruiting participants for a study. The new fans you’re attracting are eager to help you in exchange for sharing their opinions, and you can leverage that excitement to gain the data you need.

12. Share into  relevant subreddits

If there’s a relevant subreddit for TikToka, consider sharing some of your branded content to bring it in front of more fans. Make sure the content is appropriate and not too promotional, as you want to maintain a positive reputation with the community.
You can also engage with the community by responding to comments and engaging with users who interact with your content.

13. Spread the word via email newsletters

You can use your subscriber list for brand promotion once again. Consider creating a newsletter featuring some of your newest content as well as a call-to-action to join TikTok. You could also send previous announcements about new content releases or other updates to your subscribers, encouraging them to revisit that content or share it with friends.

14. Feature the platform on your website

An easy way to encourage new visitors to explore TikTok is by adding a landing page that highlights new features or contests on the app. You can entice visitors to click through  to the app by promising a reward or gift once they install it.
Launching a new brand campaign on TikTok is an easy way to reengage users, find new customers, and build a stronger connection with your audience. The platform is growing quickly, and your company should ensure it’s involved in the action.
These strategies can ensure your success when launching a brand campaign on TikTok, and you can enjoy the benefits of better audience engagement, brand recognition, and content promotion. Ensure you complete all the first seven strategies to maximize your success!
Use these strategies to launch a successful brand campaign on TikToka, and you will be well on your way to reengaging old fans, finding new ones, and promoting your content like never before. Were these strategies helpful? Let us know in the comments! 

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